Game 2 of the Finals series between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors ended in a blowout in favor of the Dubs. However, the game was marred by a little controversy surrounding Jaylen Brown and Draymond Green. In the second quarter, both men were entangled after a foul call. Things got a little chippy, as Brown took offense to Green's legs being on him.

All eyes were on the referees, as Draymond Green was earlier slapped with a technical foul. Many Celtics fans were expecting Green to be ejected for a potential double technical call… but that didn't happen. It was a call that infuriated the green fanbase and a few neutral fans watching the game.

After the game, head coach Ime Udoka spoke out about the controversial no-call on Green. The Celtics head coach said that wasn't exactly surprised with the no-call given the circumstances. (via Keith Smith)

The referee crew caught a lot of heat from Celtics fans after their decision to not call a technical foul on Green. In many people's eyes, that incident with Brown was almost always called as a double technical foul on both men. However, since Green already had a tech, people think that the referees didn't call said foul in order to protect the Warriors veteran.

Between this and the confounding decisions of the officiating crew early in the game, many Celtics fans will certainly blame the referees for this loss. However, the fact of the matter is that many key players for Boston didn't show up today offensively. Al Horford and Marcus Smart were non-factors in Game 2 after carrying the team in Game 1. Jaylen Brown struggled with his efficiency, and Jayson Tatum was oddly passive at times.