The Boston Celtics made somewhat of an unprecedented decision when they slapped head coach Ime Udoka with a season-long suspension after they learned about an illicit affair he had with a female staffer. During their suspension announcement, the Celtics also curiously declared that a decision on Udoka's future with the team beyond this season will be determined at a later date.

This now begs the question: is Udoka done in Boston? Are the Celtics going to end up firing him sooner or later? If this is their plan, then why didn't they fire him now?

This saga has obviously left all of us with more questions than answers. However, one thing is clear: there won't be any lack of interest in Udoka in the market if he ends up parting ways with the Celtics. This comes straight from NBA guru Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN (h/t ClutchPoints on Twitter):

“Ime Udoka was not given any assurance that he would ever coach the Celtics again, but what it does open up the door for, and certainly in talking to some other organizations today, he may become a candidate or a coach of interest for other jobs that might open or might become open during the season or certainly next season,” said Woj.

This makes a lot of sense. As offensive as it may seem, the fact that Ime Udoka had an affair with a co-worker does not take away from the reality that he's really good at his job. The Celtics obviously aren't happy with how he violated company policy, but this likely won't be enough for opposing teams to show real interest in potentially hiring Udoka once the dust has settled.

“The final chapter of Udoka's coaching career has not been written,” Woj continued. “This is not going to be a death knell for him.”

Woj went on to talk up Udoka's credentials as a coach in the NBA. After all, he did bring the Celtics to the NBA Finals in his first year as a head coach. The renowned NBA insider added that while this “could be the end in Boston” for Ime Udoka, he certainly isn't done coaching in the NBA.