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Kemba Walker trade rumor bashed by his cousin, denied by Celtics

Kemba Walker, Celtics

Wednesday, Bleacher Report published a report stating Kemba Walker and the Boston Celtics both want a breakup after two seasons together. But that report is getting pushback from Walker’s own cousin and even the Celtics.

Kedow Walker took to Twitter after the report came out and called BS on it:


Chris Gasper of WCVB in Boston then followed that up with some reporting from a Celtics team source, who denied everything:

A Celtics team source denied the reported breakup and vehemently denied that the team was looking to trade Walker and pursue free agent Jrue Holiday last offseason, calling the latter rumor “total garbage.”

The team source also told SportsCenter 5 that Walker has not informed the Celtics that he has soured on them and that the four-time NBA All-Star is focused on getting as healthy as possible after dealing with a balky knee that limited him to 43 regular-season games and forced him to miss Boston’s final two playoff games.

When it comes to situations like this, the truth often lies in the middle. There has already been plenty of speculation out there suggesting the Celtics will look to move on from Walker, who has been stricken with knee problems since coming to Boston in 2019. That doesn’t necessarily mean they desperately want to move him, but they almost certainly will be exploring the trade marketplace. This pushback from the team is likely to put on a good show for leverage purposes and to not alienate the player.

As for Walker, he could very well want another fresh start, but he’s not in position to be burning bridges or making demands given how things have played out in Boston. Maybe things have been so awful for him with the Celtics that he desperately wants out, but it seems more likely that he would be welcome to a change if it happens but isn’t pushing hard for it.

Either way, stay tuned, because it wouldn’t be a surprise if Walker indeed has a new home for the 2021-22 season. There has already been plenty of drama in Boston with Danny Ainge retiring and Brad Stevens taking his job, so get ready for more.