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Kyrie Irving says call to LeBron James was a ‘step to move forward’ with his life

Kyrie Irving, Celtics, LeBron James, Lakers

Boston Celtics guard Kyrie Irving spoke at length about the call he made to former Cleveland Cavaliers teammate LeBron James earlier this season, one in which he expressed his regret for how his exit from The Land was handled, along with things he has learned during his journey as the star player of his own team:

“I think it takes a very, very strong individual to replay a lot of these experiences that you had, a lot of anger that your head built up where you didn’t address the situation and allowed it to fester and then it was just combustion,” Irving told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols. “It came out and then you realize, ‘Man, I didn’t have to deal with that the same way I dealt with that. I didn’t have to go about it that same way.'”

“In my mind I have no regrets about going about my individual journey or what I want and foresee for my career. Yeah, apologizing, that was a step for me to move forward in my life.”

Kyrie Irving has owned up to his mistakes, to the level that some would even consider a reunion between him and  LeBron before it’s all said and done.

The two former teammates are in a very different situation than they were during their years terrorizing the East, but they have also grown as players and are all the better for it.

James managed to take his Cavs to the NBA Finals without Irving, and the Celtics were only a game shy of reaching the biggest stage, even without Irving healthy enough to suit up.

There seems to be no more resentment between the two, which seems to make this as good as a feel-good story as it can get after a nasty breakup.