One of the more shocking occurrences this NBA offseason was the Boston Celtics’ acquisition of Malcolm Brogdon. However, Brogdon almost went somewhere else. During an appearance on the Woj Pod, Brogdon spoke about how he was nearly traded to the Wizards, per MassLive.

“I thought it was going to be Washington,” Brogdon admitted. “I heard the Pacers loved the idea of having that 10th pick and two picks in the lottery and I knew Washington needed a good veteran point guard to pair with Bradley Beal. I knew I fit his timeline and knew that everything fit. I’m basically homegrown in DC, lot of roots with University of Virginia, family there. It would have been a little too perfect. As we got closer to the draft that day, my agent called and said, ‘It’s probably not going to happen, Washington looks like they are going in a different direction and use that 10th pick and not trade it.’ By the time we got to the draft that night, I realized I was not going to go to Washington, which wasn’t crushing. It was a change of mindset.”

Malcolm Brogdon said that he “thought he was going to Washington.” The Pacers were reportedly eyeing the Wizards’ lottery pick, and Washington was looking for a point guard alongside Bradley Beal–which they eventually got in the Monte Morris deal with Denver.

The newest member of the Celtics then went on to say that “it would have been too perfect”, given his family ties to DC. However, everything happens for a reason.

Brogdon ended up in Boston. Perhaps the craziest part of all this? Malcolm Brogdon and his agent had no idea the Celtics were interested.