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Celtics star Marcus Smart’s heartbreaking revelation about why he dyes his hair green

Celtics, Marcus Smart

Marcus Smart is the type of player who wears his heart on his sleeve. As it turns out, the Boston Celtics star also does the same on his hair.

Smart recently revealed the reason behind his green-colored hair. It obviously has a lot to do with the Celtics’ colors, but as it turns out, this has been Smart’s way to honor his late mother:

“My mom, before she passed away, always loved my hair,” Smart said, via Yahoo Sports NBA on Twitter, “things I was doing with it, from the braids to letting it grow out. Then I started to dye it, and she really liked that. She always said she wanted me to see me in green, but obviously, she passed away, so she never got to see me. So when we started this playoff run, I was like, ‘For her, I’mma gonna go have it dyed and see what it looks like. Everybody loved it and so now it’s kinda here.”

Smart lost his mom to cancer four years ago. At that time, the Celtics stud was understandably devastated:

Smart clearly draws inspiration from his mother, who the Celtics guard considers being the “strongest woman I know.” It’s just sad to think about the fact that she’s no longer around to see her son reach the pinnacle of the NBA now that they’re in the Finals against the Golden State Warriors.