Celtics news: Marcus Smart says his ankle is okay, 'should be fine to play' for rest of road trip
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Celtics’ Marcus Smart says his ankle is okay, ‘should be fine to play’ for rest of road trip

Marcus Smart, Celtics

Marcus Smart of the Boston Celtics suffered an ankle injury in Monday’s win over the Phoenix Suns. After the game, he claimed that is ankle is okay and ‘should be fine to play’ for the rest of the team’s road trip, per Celtics on NBC Sports Boston.

“The ankle is okay. There wasn’t a lot of swelling. Minimal swelling for it where I’m able to walk. I’m able to still shift, and plant and move side to side so that’s good. I just re-irritated the exact same ankle I was just coming back from, in the exact same spot. But everything is OK, I should be fine to play the rest of the trip.”

Below is the said play. Notice how Smart quickly signaled for a time out. Brad Stevens, too, walked all the way to the end of the floor to check on the swingman. Smart left the game and finished with 17 points, three rebounds, and one block.

Marcus Smart has been key in the Celtics’ stellar start to the 2019-20 season. With their win over the Suns, they have improved to 11-2 for first place in the East. They mounted a 10-game winning streak which was snapped by the Sacramento Kings in the previous game.

Now, they’re looking to start another streak again. They’ll head to Staples Center to play the LA Clippers on Wednesday then the Denver Nuggets on Thursday.