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Celtics’ Paul Pierce claims Boston would have the advantage in NBA Finals against Lakers

Paul Pierce, Celtics, Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers just recently managed to edge the team’s longtime Eastern Conference rival in the Boston Celtics at Staples Center. However, Celtics legend Paul Pierce isn’t too concerned with Boston’s recent loss to Los Angeles as the Lakers wouldn’t stand a chance against the heralded Eastern Conference franchise come playoff time — so says “The Truth.”

Despite the Lakers seemingly taking over the league this season behind the tandem of superstar forwards in LeBron James and Anthony Davis, Pierce still believes that the Celtics would hold the advantage in NBA Finals if they were to take on Los Angeles.

“If these two meet in the Finals, full-strength, the Celtics have the advantage psychologically,” Pierce said. “Period. I think Celtics have the best starting five in the NBA. They have the best collection of scoring forwards, and that’s what you need to win in the game today. If you look at all the top champions over the last 20 years, and you say, ‘Who’s been the Finals MVP?’ It’s going to be that swing guy who can get his own shot … The Paul Pierce-type, the Kobe Bryant-type.”

With the Lakers sporting the aforementioned tandem of James and Davis, the Celtics are currently being led by first-time All-Star Jayson Tatum, who has seemingly gotten better each and every day of the season in 2019-20. However, it remains to be seen as to whether Tatum’s supporting cast in Boston will ultimately be able to keep up with an extremely talented Lakers team come playoff time.