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Paul Pierce cool with thought of Isaiah Thomas having video tribute in Game 7

Paul Pierce, Isaiah Thomas, Celtics

Former Boston Celtics great Paul Pierce made headlines when he publicly complained about the idea that Isaiah Thomas would get a tribute video on this first game in Boston after being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers.

The reason there was so much hoopla around Pierce’s comments is because Thomas returning to the TD Garden just happened to be on the same night as his jersey retirement ceremony. Thomas’ video tribute would have happened during the game, and Pierce’s ceremony was scheduled for after the game.

At the time, Pierce said he wanted the entire night to himself, and even admitted being petty about the whole thing. Thomas took the high road and acquiesced to Pierce’s desires.

But it appears Paul Pierce has somewhat reversed his position. The Celtics are playing a Game 7 at home on Saturday against the Cleveland Cavaliers, and a fan asked Pierce on Twitter if it was finally OK for Thomas to get his video tribute.

Pierce’s response was short, but said a lot.

Maybe. We all know that the NBA is basically #PettyWars, and at this point, Pierce has become one of the trolliest personalities that discusses the NBA on television. He has become known for the hottest of hot takes.

Pierce agreeing to — allowing? — Isaiah Thomas to finally have his video tribute during a Game 7 in Boston could just be his biggest troll job yet. Maybe he knows that the franchise would not run any kinds of tribute video with the possibility of a Finals appearance on the line.

Or maybe Pierce has actually come around. Who really knows? Well, he does.