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RUMOR: How Jayson Tatum plans to handle max contract extension discussions


Jayson Tatum has got some decisions to make once the Boston Celtics 2019-20 season comes to a close. The star swingman has an impending max-level extension awaiting him as soon as he becomes eligible to receive it.

Tatum, a newly-minted All-Star this season, can sign for four or five years. He can also turn down the extension and choose to try his luck in restricted free agency, hoping the salary cap goes up from the sizable drop that’s expected for this 2020 offseason.

According to Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated, Jayson Tatum is leaning toward signing a max deal when he’s eligible and going from there.

There’s no word if he plans to sign a four-year max extension or the five-year iteration that would keep him in Boston until his ninth year in the league.

If this is Tatum’s plan indeed, he’s got his head screwed on properly, as testing the 2021 free agent market is likely the worst option of the three. Expecting the salary cap to increase that significantly in the span of a year is a pipe dream, considering the long hiatus, the expectation of empty arenas, and the losses expected from the NBA’s rift with China are bound to be massive.

Say goodbye to players making $40 million per season and multi-million contracts roofing over $200 million. The NBA could potentially take several years to recover from this fallout and Tatum would be best served taking the sure thing instead of testing free agency and being sorely disappointed by what the market has to offer.