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VIDEO: Celtics big man Al Horford approves of ‘Kendall Jenner’ jeers towards Kyle Kuzma

Boston Celtics Kyle Kuzma Kendall Jenner Al Horford

Celtics big man Al Horford was caught on video encouraging a fan’s hilarious ‘Kendall Jenner’ attempt at distracting Kyle Kuzma as he shot his free throws.

Over the years,  fans have creatively tried to distract players that line up to take their shots at the charity stripe. However, a recurring fan favorite seems to include mentioning a player’s ex-girlfriend or ex-wife.

Tony Parker and ex-wife Eva Longoria were previously headlined as one of the most famous versions of this prank. Cardboard cutouts of Longoria were constantly brought to games to distract Parker every time he stepped up to the charity stripe amid the fallout of the couple.

Last night, Kuzma became another victim of the aforementioned prank—although it wasn’t to the same degree as Parker’s. Just 31 seconds into the second half, Kuzma took free throws and a Celtics fan behind the backboard started shouting ‘Kendall Jenner!’ in an attempt to distract the Wizards forward. Horford managed to hear the hilarious taunt coming from the Celtics fan and proceeded to gesture to him to make it louder.

Via PerSources on TikTok:


Shouting “Kendall Jenner” to deny Kyle Kuzma at the FT line. I love Kyle Kuzma but anything for my Celtics 🤣

♬ original sound – Per Sources

The prank worked to great effect as Kuzma’s rimmed out at the last second resulting in a missed free throw. However, this effort from the Celtics fans became all for naught as Boston eventually fell to Washington in the end. The Celtics will head on the road and seek out revenge on the Wizards for their next outing.