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Video: Marcus Smart pranks Celtics rookie Romeo Langford with $4,500 worth of Chipotle food

The Boston Celtics have one of the most interesting young cores in the entire NBA, yet all those young players still have to experience their fair share of hazing during their rookie seasons. The most recent victim—or beneficiary— was lottery pick Romeo Langford, who was taken at #14 overall by the team in the 2019 NBA Draft. Though Langford came in as a vaunted high school recruit who put up big numbers in college, he still must deal with pranks and rookie duties – the most recent one courtesy of jovial prankster Marcus Smart.

Smart posed as a Chipotle manager in order to “get” Langford with this one, as the other Chipotle workers pretended that Smart had ordered $4,500 worth of the food for the entire Celtics organization. Langford was told that he must foot the bill for it, which he was not at all prepared to do.

Here is the full video, which Smart posted on Twitter:

As you can see, it was all in good fun, though Langford’s claims about not having the scratch yet seemed a tad far-fetched, as lottery picks (even ones drafted later in the lottery) make a fairly decent amount of dosh in their rookie years.

Smart is coming off one of his best seasons ever, and he was rewarded last year with a very well-deserved All-Defensive First Team selection – noting his immense effort and seemingly magical ability to create something out of nothing on the defensive end with relative ease.

Langford has not yet played a regular season game for the C’s, as he remains day-to-day with a knee injury.