The Houston Rockets landed a marquee free agent this offseason in Chris Paul, and it seems that they're not done wheeling and dealing just yet.

The Rockets are looking to get a deal done to acquire Carmelo Anthony from the New York Knicks, and it's highly possible that the deal will fall in place rather than not.

Marc Spears of The Undefeated recently sat down with Paul to discuss the nine-time All-Star‘s thoughts on why he decided to take his talents to Houston. In the closing segments of the interview, Spears also asked Paul about the likelihood of Melo joining his new team, in which CP3 had a short teaser of a response:

“Man, sit back and wait.”

Paul had a hint of confidence in that reply which, in a way, reinforces the notion that the on-going negotiations for Anthony is moving along quite nicely. Then again, Paul has only been an official member of the Rockets for less than a month, so this might just be the veteran point guard's way of telling Clutch City fans to just relax and temper their expectations until a deal is set in stone.

Should a deal for Anthony materialize indeed, the Rockets would have a superteam-like trio of their own in Anthony, Paul, and James Harden seemingly worthy of putting up a good fight against the Golden State Warriors in the West.

How the three iso-heavy superstars will co-exist, however, is a question for another time. But considering how head coach Mike D'Antoni had turned Harden into a prototype point guard with amazing results last season, he could very well revitalize Melo's career as a team player just the same.