LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers fought hard during the 2022-23 season and ultimately made a deep postseason run. Following their Western Conference Finals elimination though, LeBron is facing retirement rumors. Los Angeles Clippers star Paul George recently dropped a brutally honest take on LeBron's possible retirement during an interview with ClutchPoints.

George told me that it is “crazy” we are still “baffled” by the thought of LeBron retiring given everything he's done for the game of basketball. George also shared some intriguing analysis on the situation.

Paul George's truth bomb on LeBron James retirement rumors

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“I mean, that’s LeBron’s decision,” George told me during our interview. “He’s given us 20 amazing years, it’s crazy that we’re still baffled that he’s thinking about retirement with all he’s done and all he’s given this game. I think… at some point I think that’s what he’s holding onto… I hope he can…he may have just taken time off to re-gather, regroup and come back when it’s time to play with his son.”

Paul George recently told me that he hopes Carmelo Anthony was able to retire “on his terms.” He believes stars like Anthony and LeBron deserve to call it quits when they are ready to do so. George later added that LeBron James will be able to be satisfied once he does decide to retire.

Again, all he’s done for this league, as a mentor, as a leader, it will be nice for him to have that part where he can be satisfied that he’s given the game everything and he’s gone out the way he wanted to.”

Will LeBron retire prior to the 2023-24 season?

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As George stated, this is LeBron's decision. Despite the rumors, only LeBron James knows when he is going to make that announcement. It seems likelier than not that he will continue playing. The thought of adding another championship to his resume surely appeals to LeBron, while teaming up with Bronny James is also a possibility in a couple of years.

George's statement on the matter was insightful to say the least. LeBron could easily retire today and probably be content with all he accomplished. With that being said, James may still feel like he wants to continue playing.