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Cloakzy leaves FaZe Clan after 2 years of contract dispute

Cloakzy, FaZe Clan

Former Fortnite pro, current Warzone streamer Dennis “Cloakzy” Lepore announced his departure from FaZe Clan in a  tweet.


It looks like things ended amicably between Cloakzy and FaZe Clan, two years after the former Fortnite pro started speaking out about the org. In his tweet announcing his departure, Cloakzy apologized for his negative words towards FaZe. He says that he’s grateful for the ways that the organization has helped him, and that he wishes nothing but the best for the people at FaZe Clan.

The former Fortnite pro player first signed with FaZe Clan over four years ago, where he became part of the FaZe Clan Fortnite squad. With the team, he played in various tournaments, including the Fortnite Champion Series in December 2019. Even during that time, he and teammate Turner “Tfue” Tenney were already at odds with the management. Yet, their contracts with FaZe Clan weren’t terminated, and the two had to wait for their contracts to naturally expire.

While Tfue’s contract with FaZe Clan ended in 2020, it is only now that Cloakzy’s contract ends. Two years after their first conflict with FaZe Clan arose, Cloakzy’s finally free. But what’s next for him? Right now, he remains a free agent. He joked about joining Nickmerc’s MFAM, showing his interest in going full-time into Warzone. Over the past year, Cloakzy’s streams have been overtaken by the Call of Duty battle royale game, and he might jump head-first into it. He hasn’t given any indication of signing with a different team.

Meanwhile, FaZe Clan has yet to make an announcement regarding Cloakzy’s departure. The team has just recently announced their signing of Evan “Cented” Barron, but nothing regarding Cloakzy. Meanwhile, another FaZe Clan live streamer, Miami center Meyers Leonard, currently faces scrutiny for dropping anti-semitic slurs on-stream.