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Closed Beta for mobile game The Division Resurgence soon

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Ubisoft announced more details about its upcoming mobile game set in the Division universe during September 10’s Ubisoft Forward. Keep reading to learn more about the new mobile game The Division Resurgence.

The Division Resurgence is Ubisoft’s mobile take on the Division franchise. Fans of the franchise will immediately recognize the gameplay shown in the trailer, but for those who are new to the series, here’s the quick run-through. It is a free-to-play, third-person shooter RPG mobile game coming to Android. and iOS. Players who want to participate in the Closed Beta can head on over to Google Play or to the game’s website. The closed beta is slated to happen around this fall.

According to Ubisoft, those participating in the closed beta will be able to experience various PvP modes from The Division franchise. This includes the infamous Dark Zone, a unique PvPvE area. The Dark Zone is where the stronger enemies are located, along with the best loot. It is also where most agents who have gone rogue are located. Rogue agents are agents who, without proper reason, attack other agents. The Dark Zone is the high-risk, high-reward location of the game, and requires proper preparation.

Other than the Dark Zone, players may also participate in Conflict, the PvP mode introduced in The Division 2. Domination, the game mode where players fight over three control points, will be available during the Closed Beta. Skirmish, where players defeat their opponents until they run out of respawns, is available at a later date.

The Division Resurgence basics

The player controls a Division agent, civilians trained to become sleeper agents. These agents activate whenever there is a crisis that threatens the safety and stability of the nation. In light of the Dollar Flu that infected millions of people all across America, the Division activated to maintain peace and order.

This game plays like your typical cover shooter. You run from cover to cover, shooting enemies as you go. The agent has access to various guns and gadgets. Guns are either bought from the shop, dropped by enemies, or looted in places like the Dark Zone. Gadgets, on the other hand, are based on the player’s class, or Specialization. While Specializations are a feature of the main games, it is not out of the question for them to also be part of the mobile version.

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