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Tom Izzo welcoming expectations for the Michigan State Spartans

Tom Izzo, college basketball news, Michigan State Spartans

Tom Izzo and the Michigan State Spartans facing lofty expectations ahead of any college basketball season isn’t exactly new or stunning.

That being said, the legendary coach is not exactly shying away from those who believe the Spartans to be the very best team in the country.

“I’m still proud of where we are, happy with where we’re rated, wherever that is, excited about having a chance to live up to expectations,” Tom Izzo said. “But the reality of things is there’s been a lot more loss than we’re looking at, and that’s what I’m trying to stay humble about.”

However, he’s fully aware a high ranking to start any college basketball season doesn’t inherently mean success awaits.

“There’s a chance we could be ranked No. 1 for the first time in the history of our school to start out the season, which means — unfortunately — nothing,” Tom Izzo said. “The only team I know that went end to end in the last 20 years was (North) Carolina, and they beat us by 20-some at the beginning of the year and beat us by 18 at the end of the year.”

The Michigan State Spartans return four starters from a more than solid squad from last season.

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