College basketball preseason polls, all-time favorite players, and more
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College basketball preseason polls, all-time favorite players, and more

Cutting The Net, college basketball

In this episode of the Cutting the Net college basketball podcast, the guys discuss why people overreact to preseason polls and the value of them in the grand scheme of the season.

They also gave their picks for the players they’ve most enjoyed watching in college basketball throughout the years, including some Big East favorites.

And naturally, their conversation eventually shifted to the pop culture world to share thoughts on which TV shows deserve to be given a reboot.

You can find the Cutting the Net podcast on Soundcloud and other platforms.

Blake Lovell is a national writer for ClutchPoints. He’s also a contributor for the Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook and Athlon Sports College Basketball Preview magazine. He hosts two podcasts: Marching to Madness (CBB) and Establish the Pass (NFL). 

You can follow him on Twitter @theblakelovell.

Joseph Nardone has been covering college basketball for nearly a decade for various outlets in a variety of ways. He currently contributes to Forbes and Clutchpoints. You can follow him on Twitter @JosephNardone.

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