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CREED: Rise to Glory New Update Available Now on Oculus Quest

Creed Rise to Glory

CREED: Rise to Glory for the Oculus Quest received a major update, free to download for owners of the game. At the same time, new players can pick up the game for a lower price in celebration of the new game mode.

Quest top-selling title CREED: Rise to Glory receives its Endurance Mode update, which gets rid of the Virtual Energy system. Training as Adonis Creed, Rocky Balboa, and other Creed & Rocky legends, players can simultaneously play and exercise for fun. Set daily fitness goals and tailor your boxing matches to reach them, scaling game difficulty through the Fight Settings. The update also includes graphics improvements for Quest 2 players with better textures, render resolution, and shadows.

Endurance Mode joins the game’s Career Mode, Free Play Mode, and Online PVP. Endurance Mode gives players an all-new way to experience the game. Designed to be used with the Quest’s Oculus Move! Function, it tracks burned calories and the time you spend playing. This helps players reach their daily fitness goals with CREED: Rise to Glory. Endurance Mode is free for those who purchased the game for Oculus Quest. Meanwhile, new players can purchase CREED: Rise to Glory for 33% off for a limited time only. This is developers Survios‘ way of celebrating the launch of the new game mode. The game mode has already arrived for the game’s Oculus Quest version.

CREED: Rise to Glory takes place in the Rocky film universe. The virtual reality boxing video game which also released in HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PSVR for the PlayStation 4.