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Derek Fisher Says Phil Jackson ‘Still Learning” How To Be Effective As Knicks President

Knicks, Derek Fisher

Derek Fisher has been out of the job for awhile now, but he can’t stop talking about his former team. This time, the fired Knicks coach has something to say about his former Lakers coach and current Knicks president, Phil Jackson.

Fisher took a little dig at Jackson while on NBA TV:

“I think a lot of people forget about Phil because of history within the game of basketball — one of the greatest basketball minds, coaches we’ve ever seen — there’s an assumption that he’s supposed to know what to do in every situation. He’s also still learning as an executive, as a president of an organization, which is completely different than coaching… I think Phil is still settling in, but organization-wide, they are still settling in as to who the Knicks are in their DNA.”

How can the Knicks find that DNA? Fisher has ideas on that as well:

“Over the summer, the first step after the season is deciding: ‘Who are we as an organization? What style of basketball are we going to play? How are we going to convince free agents to come here and play for us?’ To do that, you have to have a vision for where you’re going.”

If the Knicks can actually achieve those things, they’ll be moving in the right direction. Although former Knicks great Patrick Ewing has his own ideas on how to fix the Knicks, but Fisher’s plan is much more practical.

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