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Discord decides to stay independent, ends deal talks with Microsoft

Discord Microsoft buyout

The Wall Street Journal reports that Discord’s talks with Microsoft for acquisition have ended. In spite of the reported $10-billion-offer by Microsoft, Discord opts to continue functioning on its own. However, figures close to the source indicated that Discord isn’t closing any doors. The negotiations may be re-visited any time in the future, the report says.


Discord, the popular voice-communications application used by gamers, refused the roughly $10-billion offer by Microsoft to buy out the company. Reports surfaced late last month that Microsoft, along with other tech companies, has been courting the tech app, with millions of dollars on the table. Microsoft, most especially, has a significant interest in the app, thanks to its popularity for gamers. Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s Xbox head honcho, reportedly sat in during the negotiations himself. It’s not hard to imagine how an app like Discord could benefit the Xbox platform.

Discord’s decision to remain independent indicates that they have ended talks for acquisition with Microsoft. Founded in 2015, the gaming community vastly prefers the app for in-game communication, with over 300 million users worldwide. In 2020 alone, Discord generated over $130 million in revenue, 188% better than its performance in 2019, mostly thanks to an upsurge of usage when the pandemic hit. Monthly users increased by 40 million during the lockdown period. In 2021, the company has a value of $7 billion, which is more than double its value from 2020. No wonder they turned down the $10-million offer by Microsoft.

While the door remains open for a future purchase, Microsoft will have to settle for now with their acquisition of ZeniMax Studios. While this one is already a done deal, gamers still await the next move. The Elder Scrolls series became a property of Microsoft thanks to this deal, and fans are eager to find out future plans for the games.