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Dwyane Wade won’t opt out of contract despite Jimmy Butler being traded

dwyane wade, bulls

Tuesday afternoon, Dwyane Wade made the decision to exercise his $23.8 million player option to remain with the Chicago Bulls next season. Wade has plenty of confidence in his skills and even shut down his doubters on social media when heckled about not being good enough for another big payday.

The biggest influence here is without a doubt the financial factor for the star guard, who is 35-years-old and without many years left in his NBA playing career. Another reason was to continue playing alongside fellow team member Jimmy Butler whom he had grown close to last season.

Heading into Thursday’s draft, things changed, and the Bulls traded Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves in a surprising deal that sent shockwaves around the league. After a surprised reaction from Wade on social media, reports began to surface that the three-time champion would change his mind and decide not to opt into his contract.

Bulls management has not discussed any of Thursday’s moves with Wade according to GM John Paxson, but that conversation will happen in due time.

According to Vincent Goodwill of CSN Chicago, Wade will stick with his original word and pick up his player option for the year. If he wants to be a veteran presence during a rebuild is another question.

There is a chance that Wade can and will request a buyout after opting into his deal, and the situation will continue to develop as free agency begins July 1.