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Dwyane Wade briefly opens up on Twitter about his relationship with LeBron James

Dwyane Wade

It’s been three years since Dwyane Wade and LeBron James played together as teammates.

In the wake of their four-year run in Miami that led to two NBA titles for the Heat, James made his return to his beloved hometown of Cleveland and won another championship with the Cavaliers. Meanwhile, Wade found himself a new home this past season as a member of the Chicago Bulls after the Heat had their title-contenting hopes ultimately flame out after LeBron’s departure.

It’s clear that James has had greater success than Wade over the three years that have passed, and one would think that the 35-year-old shooting guard has bottled up some resentment towards the four-time league MVP ever since they went their separate ways. However, Flash was quick to dismiss any such bad blood between him and the King with his recent tweet:

There’s no doubt that both James and Wade are equally fiery competitors on the hardwood. But the time they shared together in South Beach was more than just about business; they became even better friends in the process, and that’s what an NBA championship or two will do for most off-court relationships.

If the internet is simply trying to provoke Wade into coming out and throw some shade at James, it certainly failed at doing so. And with that, a dream reunion between these two greats may very well be a possibility somewhere down the line. Their combined talent in the years ahead will not be as prolific as during their prime in Miami, but the chemistry and camaraderie will certainly be sights to behold once more.