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Eagles’ Joe Douglas will only take Jets GM job if given final say on players

As the New York Jets continue to look for a new general manager, the team has its fair share of enticing candidates. Not only is the team in disarray, but it is unknown how much power the GM will have. Joe Douglas naturally wants to know more about this part of the front-office situation.

According to Howard Eskin and Ian Rapoport, the Jets have asked for permission to talk with Philadelphia Eagles VP of player personnel Joe Douglas for their general manager position. According to Eskin, though, Joe Douglas won’t even consider the position unless he is given final say on players, and the Eagles won’t let him leave unless those conditions were met as well.

Of course, one would assume that the general manager of a team would have final say on its players, but it’s been rumored by many that head coach Adam Gase has been jockeying for more power in the organization, which was one reason the former GM was fired. Joe Douglas is very much aware of this power dynamic behind the scenes

With the Jets still currently trying to find their footing as they try to rebuild into a playoff contender, this is a major hiccup along the way. Not only does the instability around the team speak to the current setup of the organization, but the fact that no candidates fully covet the job right now is also a very bad sign.

Thankfully, the Jets have a talented enough roster that they should be able to entice someone to take the job, but it remains to be seen whether Adam Gase and that person will see eye to eye on roster construction. This is yet one more episode in an evolving soap opera which has become all too common for the New York Jets over the years.