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F1 star Lewis Hamilton reveals expectations on George Russell next season

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F1 champion Lewis Hamilton reveals some expectations on his future Mercedes teammate, George Russell, next season.

While Hamilton is continuing to battle Max Verstappen for his eighth title, many fans are eager to watch Russell next season as he is set to depart Williams to replace Valtteri Bottas at Mercedes.

Via grandprix247

“As you know, George is a very respectful person. He is super talented and there is already a lot of mutual respect. He will certainly be quick and will want to win.”

“I remember saying before the duel with Alonso that I wanted to beat him right in the first race. I expect George to feel the same and approach it with the same attitude, otherwise, he wouldn’t be a winner.

Despite anticipating a future battle against the young F1 British star, Hamilton reiterated that he wishes Russell to succeed throughout his career.

“I am in a different position now in my career and I really wish him success. There will come a point when I will stop racing. As my teammate, he’ll be the next British driver I want to see win the World Championship.

For now, Hamilton is 8 points down in the F1 title race with just two races go. Lewis might want to win now because who knows? maybe the competition next season is extremely tough.