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Far Cry 6 Review Scores: Is Far Cry 6 the Dystopian Rebel Fantasy we want?

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Far Cry 6 has finally arrived. After drifting in and out of the gaming world’s consciousness for a while, it has finally arrived. But what do Far Cry 6 review scores tell about the game?

Far Cry 6 Review Scores: 80 MetaScore on Metacritic for the Xbox Series X

Far Cry 6‘s review scores so far have been favorable, with its Xbox Series X version receiving the highest MetaScore as of press time. On the Xbox Series X, the game received a MetaScore of 80; 77 on PC, and the PlayStation 5 version getting 75. These favorable review scores indicate that Far Cry 6, at the very least, is a good game. However, readers might be interested in knowing if it’s a good Far Cry game, representative of everything that the series stands for. Some may be interested as to how the sixth game in the series has innovated. Others may even be more interested in Giancarlo Esposito’s performance. Here’s what the critics say:

Far Cry 6 Review Scores on PC

The Games Machine‘s Far Cry 6 Review Score is a high 9.4/10 for the PC version of the game. Reviewer Paolo Besser lists down the game’s length, emotional impact, graphics and sound as positives, while also listing down repetitive gameplay and predictable enemy AI as negatives. “Far Cry 6 is a very expansive first person shooter with a compelling story, full of entertaining things to do and missions to accomplish. The enemies are a little too predictable but the gameplay is always fun, with tons of weapons to find and customize, and the incredible “pets” you can bring with you are just the cherry on top. Graphics and sound are high quality and very immersive.” Read the full review here.

Meanwhile, Stevivor calls Far Cry 6 an ‘oversimplified iteration’, giving the game its lowest PC score of 4.5/10. Reviewer Luke Lawrie calls out the game’s repetitive missions, stripped-down mechanics, terrible co-op, samey environmental elements, and a clunky save system as some of the game’s negatives. He also lamented how much underused Giancarlo Esposito was in the game – a shame given how great of an actor he is, and how much the game’s marketing hinged on his presence. “Through an oversimplification of systems compared to previous entries in the franchise, everything in Far Cry 6 feels too safe…There isn’t any challenge to the combat, the exploration is mindless and the story that unfolds is completely unsatisfying.” Read the entire review here.

Far Cry 6 Xbox Series X Review Scores

Player 2 gives Far Cry 6 an A-. A phenomenal game for long-time fans of the series, Far Cry 6 gives more Far Cry for anyone who hasn’t grown out of the game yet. If you’re diving in expecting to play Far Cry, then you’re getting what you wish for. “Far Cry 6 is both exceptional and surprising,” concludes Matt Hewson’s review. “It gave me more than I ever could have expected from the franchise and has redefined what a Far Cry game can be going forward.” Read the full review here.

Meanwhile, EGM gave Far Cry 6 its lowest score for the Xbox Series X, sitting at 2 stars out of 5. Far Cry 6 is a playable identity crisis,” reads Josh Harmon’s opening sentence for his review. Ouch. He shares that the game’s narrative and gameplay don’t really match up, with the game barely being able to make use of the series’ strengths. He also felt that most changes were introduced to the game were mostly superficial or detrimental. Read the full review here.

Far Cry 6 has the lowest review scores on PS5

Impulse Gamer‘s Far Cry 6 Review Score is 4.7 Stars out of 5 Stars. Full five stars were given to the game’s graphics and audio, with Gameplay and Value getting 4.5 Stars each. “While still a bit formulaic, Far Cry 6 stands as perhaps the best Far Cry experience to date and one beautifully presented and executed on the PS5. In doing so, it builds capably on previous Far Cry titles while adding an array of terrific new additions to the fold. Those new and old to Far Cry should feel comfortable jumping right in.” Read the full review here.

VGC, however, only gave the game 2 stars out of 5. Reviewer Jordan Middler says that the game is a ‘bland entry in a series in need of revolution.’ While he acknowledged the game’s luscious sceneries and stunning graphics, he felt that all of it was wasted on boring quests and unlikable characters. “If you’re interested in another Far Cry game that does the Far Cry stuff the way it’s been doing it for 10 years, you’ll probably have a good time, but if you’ve already hit your limit with this kind of game, Far Cry 6 is the ne plus ultra of why open-world game design is so badly in need of a revolution.” Read the full review here.

Conclusion: Is Far Cry 6 worth a shot?

There are two situations where we could recommend picking up Far Cry 6. The first one is if you’ve played all previous Far Cry games and have been left wanting more. Far Cry 6 definitely is the game for you, as it gives you the best Far Cry experience any of the other five games do. The second situation is if you’re looking for a new action-adventure game and have never tried playing Far Cry before. You’re going in fresh and trying out age-old Far Cry formulas for the first time, with the game being set in the Caribbean as a nice bonus. However, if you’ve played any of the last three Far Cry games and looking for an innovative, groundbreaking game, you might want to skip Far Cry 6.