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Formula 1 legend Jenson Button’s brutally honest comparison of Hamilton and Alonso

Formula 1 Jenson Button Drake Lewis Hamilton Fernando Alonso Comparison

Former Formula 1 world champion Jenson Button revealed his thoughts on being teammates with Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton.

During his time at McLaren, Button was joined by two extremely successful legends in Formula 1 — Lewis Hamilton in 2010 until 2012, and Fernando Alonso in 2015 and 2016.

In an interview with another Formula 1 world champion, Nico Rosberg, Button was asked which of the two had the more complete package as a driver, and who was faster in single-lap qualifying. The Brit mentioned that Lewis was the faster driver over a single-lap, but Fernando had the more complete all-around package.

Via Mike Seymour of Racing365:

“Lewis, for me, was a very straightforward teammate. He was really quick.” Button recalls, “He would always find the lap time in qualifying.”

Button reminisced on the fun times he spent with Fernando around the paddock, which he needed nearing the twilight of his Formula 1 career. Moreover, Button shared that he had the utmost respect and admiration for Alonso during their years together.

“Fernando would play games a lot more. Which, in a way, I was at a point in my career that I was up for games…we understood each other and we definitely respected each other, and we knew that when we did things the other guy could take it. I respected Fernando for that.” “But I really enjoyed my time with Fernando. He’s an extreme talent in many ways.

Jenson explained that he is very grateful for the unique opportunity to be teammates with Formula 1 legends such as Alonso and Hamilton. He expounded that the feeling of beating someone with the caliber that those two bring just means so much more because it doesn’t happen often.