The sports world has been ablaze with topics concerning Caitlin Clark over the past couple of months and now there is a debate over whether the Fever rookie should've made the U.S. Women's Basketball Olympic Team. The conversation reached a fever pitch on Saturday as it was discovered that Clark was not one of the 12 WNBA players who made the roster.

Since then, there has been a debate over if Clark should've been included due to her massive popularity in the United States or if she was justifiably left off of the team because she isn't one of the twelve best professional players in the country.

North Carolina Central head coach LeVelle Moton weighed in on his X account on Sunday.

“The NBA’s brand went “GLOBAL” in 92’ with The Dream Team!! They didn’t assemble that team to win…That was a ‘Business' move to introduce the WORLD to our most marketable NBA STARS! ⭐️ It 4ever changed the Economic landscape. IMO, WNBA should take Caitlin to grow Global Brand,” he posted.

In response to a person that retorted that it isn't her time and that her current skillset doesn't fit the roster, Moton posted, “IYou’re talking about Talent and Records and In talking bout BUSINESS!!! It’s definitely her time if we’re talking about a BUSINESS Model to grown the brand of the WNBA”

Caitlin Clark talked about her exclusion from the team in comments obtained by Indiana Star reporter Chloe Peterson. She didn't appear to be too frustrated by her exclusion from the team.

“They called me and let me know before everything came out, which was really respectful of them. I appreciated that, and they did the same for every girl that made the team, or every girl that didn't make the team. There's a lot of players in the Olympic pool, so it wasn't like I was the only one they had to call. They had to make quite a few calls.”

She also applauded the players selected and spoke up about her reverence for the Olympic team.

“I'm excited for the girls that are on the team, I know it's the most competitive team in the world, and I know it could've gone either way of me being on the team, me not being on the team,” Clark said. “I'm excited for them, I'm going to be rooting them on to win gold.”