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Andre Iguodala teases future in NBA while claiming game has been ‘dumbed down’

Andre Iguodala, Heat

Miami Heat veteran Andre Iguodala has played a key role for his team, as they now make their way to the NBA Finals to face off against the mighty Los Angeles Lakers. The 36-year-old is clearly a shadow of his former self, but based on what we’ve seen from him with the Heat this season, he can still get it done. He’s now making his sixth consecutive trip to the NBA Finals.

In a recent interview with Sam Amick of The Athletic, Iguodala opened up about his future. He’s now in his 16th season in the league, and there’s no denying that Father Time is catching up to him.

However, while talking about this future, he made a rather interesting comment about the state of the NBA:

“So I’m just trying to be appreciative of every day, and try to make the most of every day,” Andre Iguodala said. “I can play basketball until I’m 40 — easy. Especially with the way they’ve dumbed down the game. I’m 36 now, and the way they’ve dumbed down the game means I see my value more than ever, although my value isn’t as valuable as it was before.”

Iguodala was asked to further expound on his “dumbed down” remark, and the former Finals MVP came out with a rather controversial explanation:

“Well as you see in the bubble, there’s more fouls called than ever. They want high scores,” Andre Iguodala added. “I think more guys are put in a box. It’s catch and shoot 3s, or catch-and-drive real hard to the basket and dunk finish. The little nuances of the game, gamesmanship, it’s not as appreciated or it’s not as sought after or valued as much.”

That’s one way of looking at it, I guess. Like it or not, though, Iguodala seems to be making a bit of sense here.

As for his own future, the former All-Star does not see himself taking a coaching role anytime soon:

“No, no coaching. No coaching,” said Andre Iguodala. “I won’t rule it out, but I doubt it. I’ve got little kids, and I want to be present for them. But yeah, like I said, there’s so many opportunities, and that’s probably the hardest thing for me, is to decide which one I’m going to go into or could I still be able to juggle these things when I’m done playing.”

Iguodala also admitted he probably won’t actually play until he’s 40, but while he says he doesn’t want to coach, a role in a front office might not be out of the question.

Even if retirement is on the horizon for him, Andre Iguodala has far pressing concerns at the moment. The Heat will need him to be at his very best with a tough, tough test ahead against Los Angeles.