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Dwyane Wade’s comment with Bulls that drew Jimmy Butler to Heat

Dwyane Wade, Jimmy Butler, Heat, Bulls

Jimmy Butler appears to have finally found a home with the Miami Heat. As it turns out, none other than Dwyane Wade himself played a significant role in Butler eventually landing in South Beach.

According to Zach Lowe of ESPN, Wade’s love for the Heat was something that Butler admired:

During their season of overlap with the Chicago Bulls, Jimmy Butler once heard Dwyane Wade remark in the locker room about perhaps not having fully appreciated the Heat’s culture until he joined another NBA team for the first time, sources close to the matter said. That stuck with Butler.

This is something that even Butler’s own agent, Bernie Lee, can attest to. Throughout’s Butler time jumping from team to team over the past couple of years, he apparently always had the Heat in mind.

“I’d always hear back: What about Miami?” Lee said. “I can only assume the person who had a locker near Jimmy for a year and who is in a picture with Jimmy that has been the home screen on Jimmy’s phone had something to do with that.”

When Butler was finally presented with an opportunity to take his talents to South Beach last summer, he had no second thoughts about it. This turned out to be one of the best decisions he’s ever made in his career, with the Heat now just a few wins away from making their first Finals appearance in six years. Clearly, Butler is loving life in Miami, and the team is loving every bit of him in return.