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Miami ran the same set for two straight game-winners versus Jazz, Raptors

Miami Heat

Following their road win on Tuesday against the Toronto Raptors, the Miami Heat are now one of the hottest team in the league as they have won five straight games, including back-to-back one-point victories.

While Josh Richardson and Wayne Ellington are credited for knocking down the game-winners versus the Utah Jazz and Raptors, respectively, Erik Spoelstra also deserves a lot of credit for designing the right plays on the sidelines.

What many do not know though is that the Heat coach ran the same sets in both games, which allowed the South Beach team to escape with the wins. A weave is done by three of their players before one of them goes near Kelly Olynyk, who sets a hard screen to allow his teammate to easily catch the ball.

All the movement leaves the defense confused on who to switch to, but before they even get set, the quick go-ahead basket is already made. Twitter user Ry_Nguyen’s video shows the similarity on both plays in a clip he posted on the social media platform.

Now that Spoelstra’s go-to play has been revealed, it will be very interesting to see what kind of plays he will ask the Heat to execute once a similar situation presents itself in the future. They have been very successful with it so far, and he could also run it again as teams are not expecting him to draw up the same set.

Being a champion coach that he is, it’s almost certain that he still has a few more plays up his sleeves that he is just waiting to use in the best possible scenario.