Charlotte Hornets point guard LaMelo Ball is an absolute stud—in more ways than one. If we are to believe the rumors, it looks like the newly crowned Rookie of the Year winner has also been winning off the court.

Not long after Ball was rumored to be dating pornstar Teanna Trump, the Hornets youngster is now being linked to IG model Ana Montana. Montana, 32, recently posted a photo on her IG page, which apparently was taken inside LaMelo’s posh apartment unit. A special hat tip to the detective over on brobible for the juicy scoop.

For starters, here’s Montana’s photos in question:

There were a few other snaps from her IG account that appeared to be within the same vicinity, and people were quick to point out that it looked like Montana was hanging around Ball’s place.

LaMelo Ball, Hornets

LaMelo Ball, Hornets

LaMelo Ball, Hornets

Based on the photo evidence above, it looks like the internet detectives were right.

This is not the first time Montana has been linked with the Hornets stud. Although, there have also been whispers of Ball possibly dating Montana and Teanna Trump at the same time. As it turns out, that’s not too much to handle for the Rookie of the Year.

Ball is just 19 years young and he’s clearly enjoying the good life. So long as he gets the job done on the basketball court, it would probably be best to let LaMelo do him in terms of his personal life.