The fall of the Big 12 continues. If you thought what the Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners are doing with the SEC is strange, this apparently potential Kansas Jayhawks-Big Ten marriage might get you flustered.

Mike Vernon has reported that “Kansas has a call set up with the Big Ten.” With Oklahoma and Texas looking into leaving for greener pastures, KU's interest in the Big Ten could be the final huge blow to the Big 12. The Big 12 has been one of bigger conferences in college football, with the like of Texas Tech, KU, Oklahoma State and Texas playing in this stacked conference. However, if and when teams start to leave, it could very well be the end of the midwestern conference.

This has shades of the European Super League fiasco that occurred this year, where the best soccer clubs in Europe had the bright idea to join and be a part of the best league in the world. However, money seemed to be the only reason the league commenced, and it was immediately shut down.

Big 12 officials have come out with statement, which was given to ESPN, in which it says, “There is a recognition that institutions may act in their own self-interest, however there is an expectation that members adhere to Conference bylaws and the enforcement of Grant of Rights agreements.”

It is not known whether or not other Big 12 schools will be disbanding. Nevertheless, a Jayhawks-Big Ten marriage would be neat to watch unfold, at least from a basketball standpoint.