There have been a lot of rumors this offseason about Adam Gase and he didn't want Le'Veon Bell but it seems the two have worked it out and are ready to help the New York Jets win.

Quoting a tweet with a Gase quote talking about how excited he was to have him on the Jets, Bell tweeted ” Yup, Let's get it coach.”

This is a good development because just a few days ago rumors were swirling that the Jets could actually trade Bell before he even played a snap with the team. Some said that Gase was upset the team paid so much for a running back, but the Jets first-year coach corrected that saying there was no chance he was traded and there was no issue with how much money was paid to sign him.

“That’s ridiculous,” Gase said referring to the trade rumors via Pro Football Talks.

“The contract was what it was,” Gase said. “Everybody can criticize contracts all you want. He’s here. I’m excited, the players are excited, the coaches are excited.”

Even if Gase isn't excited about how much money was paid to get him, there is no doubt that Bell makes the team better, and is going to be an assist for this team and Sam Darnold.

“What else can we do with him?” Gase said. “What hasn’t he done? What else can he be great at?”

After sitting out all of last season Bell should be fresh and ready for a full workload.