The Milwaukee Bucks suffered one of the most devastating blows early in the season with the loss of sharpshooter Khris Middleton. The four-year shooting guard blew out his hamstring prior to the season and was expected to be out for at least six months.

Middleton actually tore his hamstring completely off the bone, according to a report by Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times.

“That’s a pretty rare injury; that’s unusual,” a league official said.

The Texas A&M product slipped on a wet spot on the court during an informal workout and required surgery. Two months post-surgery, Middleton has been working out on the court, but not doing any running or cutting while the hamstring starts to heal.

“I’ve been doing some shooting; I’m just trying to get back into a little shooting form,” he said. “I’m doing a lot of mid-range shooting, maybe with one or two dribbles. I’m just trying to move around. Nothing strenuous.”

Middleton could be on track for roughly the last 13 of the Bucks’ regular season games if he can come back by the six-month mark, though his return is still indefinite.

The Bucks have been forced to make moves to make up for his absence, whether it was the acquisition of Michael Beasley or the trade for Tony Snell, but his 18.2 points per game average and impeccable shooting percentages from long distance and the free-throw line are greatly missed.

“I think I’ll be back at some point this season,” Middleton said. “When? I just don’t know yet.”