Knicks news: Kristaps Porzingis still distant from team management
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Knicks news: Kristaps Porzingis still distant from team management

Kristaps Porzingis

The relationship between the New York Knicks and forward Kristaps Porzingis is still far away from being fully repaired.

After some scathing comments from former president Phil Jackson about star forward Carmelo Anthony and the myriad of rumors that surrounded him throughout the season, the Latvian international started to sympathize with the one player he’s considered his mentor.

Yet the support for Anthony grew as much as the disdain for the Knicks office when Jackson openly dangled the star in the trade market at season’s end, angering Porzingis, who consequently skipped exit meetings with the front office.

The 7-foot-3 unicorn has spent most of his vacation in Europe and remained distant from the team, even after the new regime took him completely out of any possible trade situations — most recently from the deep interest of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“There continues to be distance between Porzingis and the organization, and how the Knicks truly value Porzingis’ future could become clearer once they’re together to begin the season,” wrote ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski in a story detailing Kyrie Irving’s potential fate in the league.

The Knicks are hopeful this relationship will mend itself as the season approaches, but there are hardly ever any etch-a-sketches in the NBA — some things just can’t be shaken off.