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Colin Cowherd thinks New York can make better trade package for Anthony Davis than Lakers


The New York Knicks’ plan to become a championship contender wasn’t off to a good start after they failed to land the first overall pick in last night’s draft lottery. They are still expected to go after top-tier free agents this summer as well as engage in trade talks with the New Orleans Pelicans with the hopes of acquiring All-Star Anthony Davis.

However, the Knicks aren’t the only team that’s expected to pursue Davis. The Los Angeles Lakers landed the fourth overall pick and the speculations from around the league is that they will make it the centerpiece of a trade package that they will offer to the Pelicans.

But for NBA analyst Colin Cowherd, New York can assemble a more attractive offer for AD than the Lakers.

“If I’m David Griffin, the New York 3rd pick is infinitely more captivating from a marketing standpoint than the Lakers 4th pick and a bunch of guys LeBron doesn’t want to play with.”

Both teams have several young assets that they can include in a trade package for AD. However, the Knicks clearly have the advantage as they can offer a higher draft pick than the Lakers. There’s a league-wide perception that the talent in this year’s draft class is scarce and that there will be a huge drop-off after picks 1-3.

Should the Pelicans accept an offer that involves the third overall pick from the Knicks, they can use it, along with the first overall selection to draft Duke teammates Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett. The duo can help them jumpstart their rebuilding phase after AD leaves.

The only problem is, the Knicks have nothing much to offer in terms of young assets compared to the Lakers, who have several under-25 players that have already shown flashes of becoming a star. No one on New York’s roster is better than Kyle Kuzma or Brandon Ingram, and if the Purple and Gold will be willing to include both players, along with the fourth overall pick, in a potential deal, it is going to be something that the Pelicans will take into serious consideration.

Both the Knicks and the Lakers are in a win-now situation and both have masterplans that they would like to execute this summer. But in the end, it will all go down to who will execute better.