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Enes Kanter jokes that LeBron James will be the GOAT if he wins with Knicks

LeBron James, Enes Kanter

A recent tweet from SportsNet anchor Taylor Rooks revealed New York Knicks big man Enes Kanter’s thoughts on the LeBron James free agency saga.

Kanter has followed up on his initial dare to James, challenging the 14-time All-Star to take the reigns as the King of New York.

The recruitment tweet Rooks is referring to is a recent picture posted by Kanter showing a Photoshopped LeBron dawning a Knicks jersey.

For context, there has been some back-and-forth going on between Kanter and James throughout the season. At one point, the Knicks’ 6-foot-11 center trolled LeBron after the Cleveland Cavaliers allowed the Oklahoma City Thunder, one of Kanter’s former teams, to score 148 points against them in a 24-point blowout.

A couple of months later, James and his Cavs met up with Kanter and the Knicks in Madison Square Garden, with James sending out a message through his footwear. The words “I’m King” were visibly inscribed in LeBron’s shoes that evening, in which the Cavaliers easily cruised to a 123-109 victory against the home team.

With his recent posts, Kanter is using James’ own king statement to try and provoke the latter into putting his money where his mouth (or pen) is.

There also appears to be a veiled assertion in Kanter’s recent challenge that he may or may not have intended. By implying that the only way for James to be the GOAT was for him to win in New York, Kanter was not only speaking about the city’s storied sports history but may have also unintentionally highlighted the Knicks’ championship drought that dates back to almost five decades.