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Mario Hezonja on stepping over Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis Antetokounmpo, Mario Hezonja

New York Knicks forward Mario Hezonja addressed his walk-over on Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo in the first quarter of their highly-contested game following their 136-134 overtime victory over the Milwaukee Bucks. Antetokounmpo didn’t appreciate the gesture from the Croatian forward, and vowed to punch him if he ever thinks about doing that again to The Greek Freak.

Hezonja also chimed in his thoughts on his mean dunk, stare down, and step-over the Bucks superstar, according to Steve Popper of Newsday Sports.


In a following Tweet, Popper clarified that Hezonja merely just talked about the play and that this statement wasn’t meant to address Antetokounmpo’s post-game threat. Nonetheless, this is something that Knicks fans love to hear from those who don their blue and orange colors. Hezonja is a new-comer in New York, and is trying to get some love from the hard-to-get Knicks faithful as he tries to prove his worth in the NBA with the Knicks.

The brash Knicks forward did get the better of Antetokounmpo on the play. The Greek Freak, however, deserves to be lauded for trying to deny Hezonja’s highlight after he staved off the last line of defense from Bucks guard Khris Middleton. Antetokounmpo attempted to chase down Hezonja’s dunk attempt. But he got there a little too late and Hezonja got his highlight reel.

Those proved to be Hezonja’s only two points as he spent most of his time on the bench watching the Bucks superstar drop 36 points, 19 rebounds, 7 assists on the night. Still, Hezonja and the Knicks got the last laugh with the win.