Knicks asked LeBron James' agent regarding David Fizdale
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Knicks asked LeBron James’ agent regarding David Fizdale

LeBron James. David Fizdale

When the New York Knicks were trying to make a decision on who to hire for their next coach, they asked a lot of different individuals about David Fizdale. One guy who has always had a lot of good things to say about Fizdale has been LeBron James.

The Knicks couldn’t talk to James directly about Fizdale because that might be considered tampering and would get the Knicks in a lot of trouble, so the Knicks decided to talk to one of the guys closest to him, his agent.

According to the New York Post:

All four of James’ seasons in Miami (2010-2014) came alongside Fizdale, then a Heat assistant coach. And reportedly, the pair got along famously.

Paul, the source said, gave Knicks brass the lowdown on Fizdale’s methods. Paul also represents Ben McLemore, a small forward whom Fizdale signed to play for Memphis last summer. However, Fizdale, 43, got fired during McLemore’s first season there.

Although it would be tampering now for the Knicks to talk to James, there is no question that once July 1 rolls around, Fizdale will be on the phone trying to get James to the Big Apple somehow. The two are really close, and that alone should be enough for James to at least consider coming to New York. When asked why the two get along so good, Fizdale said it all has to do with honesty.

“Respect through telling the truth to each other, being honest, telling each other what we don’t want to hear. Being there for each other when we hit low moments.”