Knicks news: New York has trailed for 93 percent of minutes since All-Star Break
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Knicks have trailed for 93 percent of minutes since All-Star Break

Joakim Noah

The New York Knicks have been abysmal this season, and it surely doesn’t have to take a basketball specialist to identify why. The Knicks lack talent, a foundation, and the motivation to get better this season. In what started out as a promising year in wake of the trade of Carmelo Anthony, has dwindled to a year of complacent misery for Knicks fans.

Supposedly, at least according to Phil Jackson’s doctrine, Anthony was the sole reason behind the Knicks’ struggles. If that were true, this season would have been a spectacular showing of what the Knicks’ roster is capable of achieving. Frankly, this year has been a disaster for New York.

After losing Krista’s Porzingis to an ACL injury, New York’s season dramatically got even worse. In fact, according to a savvy Reddit user, New York has trailed in 93 percent of its minutes after the All-Star Break.

On Jan. 31, the Knicks had a better record than the Utah Jazz. Since then, they’ve lost 15 of their 16 games, and they’ve allowed their opponents to score at least 110 points per 100 possessions in 11 of their last 12.

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The one win in that stretch was their first game after the break (in Orlando), but they’ve trailed for a league-high 93 percent of their post-break minutes. (In fact, no other team – not even the Grizzlies – has trailed for more than 76 percent of their post-break minutes.)

This feat shows how terrible the Knicks have been of late. Though, the good thing about hitting rock bottom is that there is no possible way to get worse. Hopefully, New York can end this season on a positive note and prepare for what’s to come next season.