Knicks news: New York uses photo of Kevin Durant to help with season ticket renewals
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Knicks use photo of Kevin Durant to help with season ticket renewals

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It seems the New York Knicks are alluding to promises they can’t be certain to keep. The Knicks interest in Kevin Durant is obvious. Their intent to go after him this offseason was solidified when they rid themselves of Kristaps Porzingis’ contract at the trade deadline. The rumors are certainly alive and well. Per Brad Rowland of Uproxx, the team ‘coincidentally’ used a picture where he is defending Mitchell Robinson in a season-ticket renewal promotion.

The name of the game for any organization is to sell tickets, but using a player not on the roster to get season ticket renewals is a bold strategy.

Yes, the Knicks player has the ball in the picture. However, you only see the profile of Robinson, while Durant is a head on shot. New York has not made any statement about it, though they have deleted the picture. When, or if, they do, it will be deemed accidental.

Even if this was an honest mistake, the rumors swirling around about the teams interest make it impossible to believe. It does not help that Durant is never too happy about answering questions about his future. For now, he will stay focused on the Golden State Warriors. The Knicks have their own season to worry about, even if they are tanking.

Durant will be a free agent at season’s end, and he is free to sign with whoever he wants to. It could be the Knicks. Until then, there is no reason for the Knicks to use his likeness to sell tickets of any kind.