Kristaps Porzingis shows off his athleticism on ESPN's Sports Science
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Kristaps Porzingis shows off his athleticism on ESPN’s Sports Science

No matter if it’s the pending rape trial for Derrick Rose, or the fact that the New York Knicks haven’t had much post-season success in recent years, the team will come into the season as unpredictable with questions marks at best.

One of the biggest bright spots for the team however is center Kristaps Porzingis.

Not only does he have a mountain of potential, but he is the hope of Knicks fans everywhere that the future is bright.

Porzingis had a great start to his rookie season before hitting the infamous rookie wall, but he’s only just beginning. The great news is that Porzingis continues to hone his skills for the upcoming season, and ESPN’s Sports Science met with him to test out his abilities.

The crew measured the big man at 7-foot-3 with a vertical of 37.5-inches, which measures a full two inches higher than Clippers dunking machine Blake Griffin.

Porzingis also displayed some impressive dribbling skills for his height, and that makes him one of the athletic skilled big men in today’s game.

You can watch a segment of the show here.

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