The Toronto Raptors finally pulled the trigger at the NBA trade deadline and decided to not move beloved guard Kyle Lowry to another franchise.

This news was broken on the mean streets of Twitter by one of the best reporters the league has to offer, especially at the NBA trade deadline. Here's the proof:

Before discussing the non-deal itself, it's truly a great thing for the Toronto Raptors. Maybe fans outside the fandom bubble will not appreciate it, but with years alongside DeMar DeRozan and then winning a title with Kawhi Leonard, Kyle Lowry is likely to go down as one of the best and most important players in franchise history.

As for the move not actually made at the NBA trade deadline, there's a bit to unpack here, as the reports are still rather fluid. Basically, though, this news came out seconds after the Miami Heat and Houston Rockets agreed to a deal, which apparently took Lowry off the board.

Nonetheless, Kyle Lowry remains and fans need to be absolutely thrilled to keep him on board. His experience, skills and the like will bring so much to the table, even if it's for an unforeseen amount of time.

With the NBA trade deadline all but over, and Kyle Lowry is a member of the Toronto Raptors still!