LeBron James is still the Los Angeles Lakers’ cornerstone superstar. However, even King James himself has conceded that it’s going to be Anthony Davis who’s going to be leading the charge for LA this coming season.

For his part, AD is just taking it all in. He understands that there’s going to be a lot of pressure on him coming into the new season. However, he just isn’t going to let all this get into his head (h/t NBA TV on Twitter):

“I look at it the same as I was in New Orleans,” he said. “My first year here, I feel like I was kinda the focal point even then. … For me, it’s just approaching it as any other season coming in. Just being myself. I think the more pressure you start to put on yourself, that’s when people start getting flustered and doing things they’re not used to doing.

“For me, come in, play basketball. If I be who I am — the Anthony Davis I know I can be — the rest will take care of itself. I’m not putting any extra pressure on myself.”

Davis is not shying away from the challenge — not one bit. In fact, he fully understands what’s expected of him. He has high expectations for himself as well. At the same time, however, the eight-time All-Star also knows that he’s more than capable of stepping up to the plate.

Davis then dropped a truth bomb about how they intend to alleviate all the pressure. At the end of the day, it’s all about winning basketball games:

“Winning negates all that,” he continued. “If we’re winning and we’re doing what we’re supposed to do, obviously it will take less pressure off me, ‘Bron, Russ, with the great group of guys we have here.”

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A lot will be expected not only for Anthony Davis, but from the entire Lakers squad as well. The fans are tired of losing, and they want to get back to winning ways this coming season. Will Davis, LeBron, and the rest of the squad be able to deliver? We shall soon find out.