Before reuniting on the Los Angeles Lakers this season, LeBron James and Dion Waiters played with one another in a Cleveland Cavaliers uniform. It was the 2014-15 NBA season, the year before they won their first and only title, and the team was starting to put together what would be a championship roster.

Unfortunately for Waiters, the Cavaliers decided to go in another direction halfway through that season. There were rumors of friction between him and LeBron. Obviously, Waiters instantly became expendable, leading to a trade to the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for a first-round draft pick.

Now that the two are reunited on this Lakers roster, Waiters has been given a second chance at winning a title alongside LeBron after missing out with Cleveland. Following the team's second scrimmage game on Saturday, Waiters opened up about his relationship with James and how their so-called beef with media-driven.

“People don't even know when LeBron first got there he took me under his wing,” Waiters said. “I was with him every day.

“A lot of things that was out there wasn't necessarily true, but that's the media…I don't really care. I see some, but I don't see a lot. I see some, but I don't see most.

“I don't care, but this time around, I'm a little older. I'm a father now. I have three beautiful kids. I'm a little more wiser now. A little more older.

“We always had a vibe, a bond. It was always love every time we would see one another.”

So far, Waiters has fit in perfectly with the new-look Lakers. He hasn't made any waves since joining the team back in February and continues to receive high praise from teammates and head coach Frank Vogel.

Along with making a seamless transition and being accepted by his new Lakers teammates and coaching staff, Waiters has already shown some promise on the basketball floor. Although these are meaningless scrimmage games that have no bearing on the seeding and playoff games to follow, the veteran guard has made an impression as a player the team can count on off the bench as another deep threat and a player that can create some instant offense.

In 20 minutes on the floor against the Orlando Magic, Waiters finished with 12 points and some late-game heroics to secure the team's first win in these scrimmage games. He could quickly become a valuable asset for Vogel as he puts together the rotation for the postseason and potential championship run for the Lakers.