LeBron James has been working hard in the summer as the new season approaches. On Tuesday, the four-time NBA champ decided to bring his two sons to the Los Angeles Lakers practice facility to give them a taste of how the pros do it. Unsurprisingly, it resulted in a pretty epic highlight reel from the three Jameses.

LeBron shared a brief clip of himself throwing it down with some force. This wasn't exactly a rare sighting from The King, but what takes the cake here is how his two sons also slammed the ball hard just like their dad (h/t ClutchPoints on Twitter):

Let's just say this isn't like your typical bring-your-son-to-work day. Then again, nothing with LeBron James is typical.

The fact that both of his sons — aged 17 and 15 — can dunk the ball in a professional-height basketball rim is indeed quite impressive. It wasn't a simple ring-tap dunk too, as both Bronny and Bryce put up some eye-popping throwdowns as well.

Just like their superstar father, Bronny and Bryce also put some shots up during numerous drills. Both kids have clearly inherited the basketball gene from LeBron, and it wouldn't be surprising if both of them end up playing in the NBA someday.

LeBron James has already declared his intention to play with Bronny in the NBA when he becomes eligible two years from now. Could it be possible that Bryce also joins them on the same team somewhere down the road? Based on what we're seeing from him these days, it seems that LeBron still has enough gas left in the tank to wait for his second son to reach the NBA.