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Lakers’ Jared Dudley reveals that he only received a phone call of being traded before news broke once

The Lakers have become one of the best teams in the league after a trade for Anthony Davis. When one of the team’s former players voiced out on Twitter, veteran journeyman and new Laker Jared Dudley gave his two cents on the issue.

The entire thing started when Josh Hart aired out his grievances to the Lakers organization more than a month after they included him in the Davis trade.

Sacramento Kings guard De’Aaron Fox retweeted Hart’s sentiments and expressed his worries about teams wanting their players to be fiercely loyal to the team.

Dudley, who has been involved in a couple of trades since being drafted by the Charlotte Bobcats in the 2007 Draft, cleared the air a little bit. He wanted to make it clear to these young ballers that this culture of teams not notifying their players of the trade happens all the time.

He tells them that finding out you’re traded through the media is nothing new and is part of the business. Teams want to win championships and will make the necessary trades to get the pieces they need to win.

Even former Atlanta Hawks swingman Steve Smith has experienced that trade. He shared with Ernie Johnson and the rest of former NBA players at Open Court how he had to get out of the Miami Heat’s team plane because he was just traded:

Dudley has played for six teams his entire NBA career. He spent his first two years at Charlotte before being shipped off to the Phoenix Suns. He then spent one-season stints with the Washington Wizards, Los Angeles Clippers, Milwaukee Bucks, and Brooklyn Nets before returning to LA for the Purple and Gold.

He is trying to tell the kids that this is just the way the business goes. They must learn to toughen up if they want to have a long, successful career ahead of them.