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LaVar Ball knows why Lakers won’t trade Lonzo Ball for Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard. Lonzo Ball, LaVar Ball

The Los Angeles Lakers have made it very clear what they need from Lonzo Ball this summer, they need him to get stronger and improve his game.

There have also been some rumors floating that this summer Ball could end up being traded for Kawhi Leonard, but LaVar Ball has made it clear that won’t happen because Lonzo is the people’s choice. LaVar Ball talked to ESPN L.A. about it:

“Stop it. I’m gonna tell you why. You know what Lonzo is to me? Gelo is my pretty boy. [LaMelo] is my wow boy. But Zo is the people’s choice. They won’t let it happen. How’s that? You can’t get rid of Zo! He’s the people’s choice! Everybody on the outside can say what they want, but when you put it down on paper, the Ball boys are good for business.”

The Spurs have said that they don’t want to trade Leonard at this point, but if things don’t improve between Leonard and Spurs there is still a chance they could change their mind.

It’s also unclear at this point if the Spurs would even want Lonzo if they decided to make a trade. Coach Gregg Popovich is a no nonsense kind of guy, and with the Ball family, a lot of baggage so they would have to decide if Lonzo’s talent is worth everything else that comes along with it.

The Lakers have also made no hints that they would want to trade Lonzo this offseason, so this could be a story that is a lot to do about nothing.