Los Angeles Lakers star Russell Westbrook only knows two modes: Hyped and more hyped.

His recent workout video quickly went viral, showing him all pumped up while doing basketball drills. Westbrook has always been a guy fueled by his seemingly ceaseless energy and that's one of the main things that he will bring to the Lakers. He's hoping his passion would rub off on his new teammates.

But despite not even playing a millisecond for the Lakers, it appears Westbrook has already been positively affecting Lakers wingman Kent Bazemore, who reposted the viral clip on Twitter and said he can't wait to feed off Brodie's non-stop supercharged, high-performance, intergalactic energy.

Bazemore has always been an energetic guy himself, so something tells us that he and Westbrook would complement each other. From being the fun cheerleader on the bench during his early years with the Golden State Warriors, Bazemore has become a solid role player through the years and he should provide the Lakers with an instant spark, regardless of how many minutes he gets.

The Lakers looked lethargic in the NBA Playoffs last season as they got booted out in the first round. With Westbrook's arrival, the team's energy should rise up every single game. The former MVP always plays with his heart on his sleeve and that should only bode well for LeBron James and company, especially with their average age of 85 years old.

With training camp opening soon, expect Russell Westbrook to set the pace and yes, have more viral workout videos.